Blurrt Live

Surface and display great content that creates a real buzz.

Social Storytelling Made Easy

Blurrt is the ultimate tool for broadcasters looking to generate, shape and plan content that creates a real buzz.

Blurrt’s powerful and sophisticated sentiment and emotion analysis allows broadcasters and producers to surface and display the most interesting, entertaining and relevant conversations on social media in real time, using our Live platform.

Our unique products allow broadcasters to tell tales from Twitter, innovate from Instagram, feed your features from Facebook and filter out all the other noise on social media so that all that’s left is ‘The Good Stuff.’

And by ‘The Good Stuff’, we mean content-rich posts that are a true reflection of conversations that are happening in real-time, by real people.

Simple Data Visualisation

We know data can be overwhelming and even ugly at times, which is why we’ve developed Blurrt Live — an easy and friendly way to display social media data in a way that is simple to understand and engage with.

Either on-screen showing real-time engagement, or behind the camera in the hands of a producer surfacing cool content; Blurrt Live is a hugely powerful and impressive tool that puts you in full control to tell the story you want and to have complete control of what you want your viewers to see.

Blurrt Live’s display is fully customisable, allowing the user to choose from a range of different ways to showcase data.

Whether you want to show volume of engagement, emotions on display, the latest tweets in a feed or images shared – choose what’s shown for the last hour, day, week or month – with Blurrt Live your display options are endless!

Control what’s shown using Playlist

We’ve thought of everything you need to ensure the content you showcase is not only 100% relevant, but also safe and appropriate for your target viewers.

Using our built in Blurrt Playlist tool allows you to curate the content you’re showing, making it perfect for when you want to display a series of individual tweets on the big screen!

Loving Live Events

There are more uses for Blurrt Live than we can count on our fingers and toes, but perhaps no situation is better suited for implementing Blurrt Live than within events on a big screen.

Blurrt Live brings extra elements of engagement to any event that it’s a part of. From displaying the latest social media posts, images and videos being shared, to encouraging attendees to join in with elements of the event via voting and clever sentiment analysis, the possibilities are endless.

With a Blurrt Live display as part of your event you’ll be able to showcase high levels of engagement better than ever before and bring new levels of interactivity to the offering, just like Multiplay did at the UK’s biggest gaming festival.

How does it all work?

Blurrt cleverly identifies, collects and analyses social media data in real time, providing measurable insights on how people are reacting.

This all happens within our Insights platform, our easy to use yet extremely powerful analytics tool which cleverly surfaces just what you’re looking for from thousands, or even millions, of social media posts.