Blurrt Insights

Blurrt cleverly identifies, collects and understands social media data.

Clever Insights, Honest Analytics

Blurrt cleverly identifies, collects and understands social media data in real-time, providing measurable insights on how people are reacting.

This means you’ll never miss a single social media post that’s relevant to your interests and opens up the door to a huge range of in-depth analysis that allows you to see exactly when and what’s being said, who’s saying it, how people are feeling and understand why they’re feeling that way.

Capturing the Whole Conversation

There is a staggering number of conversations happening across social media every second, so finding those most interesting and valuable in a seemingly endless sea of noisy and irrelevant chatter can be an almost impossible task.

Blurrt does all the hard work for you by searching through millions of social media posts to find exactly what’s relevant to your specific content needs, collecting all social posts, not just a sample.

Our user-friendly campaign manager and advanced boolean filters allow you to choose exactly what kind of content you want to collect. You can also specify a range of other search parameters such as language or location and organise your campaigns into easy to find groups.

We Know How You Feel

Every individual social media post is analysed in real-time by Blurrt’s clever sentiment scoring system, which looks to understand the language, context and tone of voice used in each individual case.

The content is then given a score ranging from -5 (highly negative) to 5 (highly positive) as well as being put, if relevant, into one of the following sentiment groupings: Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Thankful, Disgust, Love, Confusion and Fear.

Search Until Your Heart’s Content

Blurrt Insights has incredibly powerful search options that allow you to filter your content across a huge spectrum of variables. You can search for specific words, names and users, or search on specific emotions, the gender of the post author, overall sentiment shown and much, much more.

Calling for Comparative Data

Blurrt Insights is built perfectly for comparing data, which is why we have our easy to understand campaign leaderboard display.

Our leaderboard allows you to quickly see who or what’s being talked about the most as well as being able to sort in order of the most positive or negative sentiment, giving you access to what we think is a truer alternative leaderboard that isn’t just all about volume.

Why Should We Use It?

Penning a carefully crafted letter to Points of View is a thing of the past – social media has transformed the way in which people are now freely sharing their opinions and feedback across multiple online channels.

Blurrt provides fantastic insights into impact and effectiveness across social media. This useful reporting can be utilised by a wide-range of different audiences; from the launch of a new television show to a refreshed advertising campaign, Blurrt will capture all the conversation and make it easy to digest and understand.

See how people are talking about your brand, not just in terms of whether they are or not, but in terms of what emotions your brand invoke and what associated words and phrases are being used.

Use Blurrt to track reactions to campaigns in real time, providing you with the opportunity to react and make informed decisions almost immediately and shape the future direction of campaigns and social media engagement strategies accordingly.