Real-time Social Storytelling

Blurrt is the definitive social media storytelling tool, helping you to create exciting content from conversations online.

Helping Crown Kings of Content

Blurrt is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to generate, shape and plan content that creates a real buzz.

Blurrt’s powerful and sophisticated sentiment and emotion analysis allows you to surface and display the most interesting, entertaining and relevant conversations on social media in real time.

Our unique products help you tell tales from Twitter, innovate from Instagram, feed your features from Facebook and filter out all the other noise on social media leaving just great organic content.

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Find, Collect, Understand, Repeat.

Blurrt cleverly identifies, collects and understands social media data in real-time, providing measurable insights on how people are reacting.

This incredibly powerful and useful tool can be utilised by a wide-range of different audiences; from the launch of a new television show to a refreshed advertising campaign, Blurrt will capture all conversation and reaction, making it easy to digest and understand.

Blurrt’s in-depth insights and understanding of social media can be used in all sorts of different innovative ways to enhance a campaign, live event, project, broadcast or report. There’s always a way Blurrt can boost what you’re doing so have a look around the site and get in touch!

Case Studies

We’ve been lucky enough to work with a wide range of different clients who’ve used Blurrt in lots of different and innovative ways.

Get inspired and have a closer look at some of the case studies below to see exactly how Blurrt has been cleverly implemented in each case.

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